• RespIn 11 Bronchial Clearance System

    Maximizing the use of modern technologies and materials to produce a more comfortable, flexible and effective therapy delivery system.
  • RespIn 11 Bronchial Clearance System

    No negative physiological side effects - no negative side effects to the patient’s physiological parameters, e.g. blood pressure and heart rate.
  • RespIn 11 Bronchial Clearance System

    Increase patient comfort - Operating at a very low background pressure which is very beneficial to patients on both a comfort and therapeutic level.
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'focused pulse' Technology

Clinical and scientific studies have shown that ‘focused pulse’ pressure piston technology used in the RespIn 11 creates 4 – 6 times greater oscillation in the most important area of the lungs (from the 5th to 15th generation of the bronchial tree) where most mucus accumulates, more effectively dislodging secretions and soliciting coughing. The RespIn 11 creates this increased amplitude of bronchial oscillation while only transferring 1/10th of the energy to the patients thorax compared to existing HFCWO devices making the RespIn 11 far easier to tolerate, increasing adherence thus promoting better long term results.

Low Background Pressure

The RespIn 11 patented system of focused pulsations operates at a very low background pressure which is very beneficial to patients on both a comfort level during treatment and also therapeutic level with greatly increased efficiency in dislodging mucus and assisting its movement for expectoration.
This greatly reduced background pressure enables clinicians to successfully treat patients currently unable to tolerate existing HFCWO/Chest Compression devices for example neuro-muscular, long term care, the elderly, fragile patients, etc.

Wider Clinical Applications

Improved safety and a wider range of clinical applications are possible because the RespIn 11 has been shown to cause no important negative changes to various patient physiological parameters, i.e. making Blood Pressure, Heart Rate rise as existing HFCWO/Chest Compression devices can do. Our Head to Head Pre-Clinical Trial FDA Safety Study data verifies that both these figures did not increase during RespIn 11 therapy sessions of 15 or 20 minutes yet a significant percentage of participants did show important Blood Pressure increases using the comparative HFCWO device.

RespIn 11

Bronchial Clearance System


'focused pulse'

Treats specific zones of the thorax using our patented 'focused pulse' pressure piston technology.


Custom Therapy

Create the custom therapy best suited to your specific condition. Fast/slow, hard/soft, front/rear/both. All individually controllable.


Exclusive to HME/DMEs

Our aim is to create long term mutually beneficial HME/DME - patient - RespIn-USA relationships for better patient care.


Virtuous Circle

Easy to use - easy to tolerate - better adherence - better results - better quality of life - Breathe Easier, Live Better.

For Patients

Discover how our easier to tolerate RespIn 11 Bronchial Clearance System can dramatically improve your therapy adherence, produce better results, less exacerbations giving you an improved quality of life - helping you to Breathe Easier, Live Better.

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For Physicians

RespIn 11 Bronchial Clearance System uses our innovative patented 'focused pulse' technology - a patient friendly; easier to tolerate and easier to adhere to solution to the 30 year old problems associated with High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation/Chest Compression therapy.

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For Payors

RespIn 11 Bronchial Clearance System has received FDA 510k clearance for the U.S. market, CE approval for Europe, ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 13485 Quality System Certifications and has also been approved for Medicare, Medicaid and private health insurance reimbursement.

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This is an exciting opportunity for your company to become a regional distributor for our innovative RespIn 11 Bronchial Clearance System. Up until now with existing devices this has been a niche market serviced exclusively by a 'Manufacturer to Patient' distribution model.

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How to Buy

Click below to access our interactive map of the United States.  We have Independant Sales Representives covering many states.

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What People are Saying

  • I found out about the RespIn 11 at NACFC. We went with the RespIn 11 because they were able to custom fit my patient.The patient is a 26F with advanced CF. She was non adherent with her conventional vest because of breast sensitivity. After 8 months of use her pulmonary function tests demonstrated stability. Thanks for all your help. imageJ.T.U.S.A.RT
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